The Entrepreneurs trying to immerse Nepal in Virtual Reality

The Entrepreneurship and Startup is, not a new concept in global context, also trending in Nepal. The traditional belief for seeking a job after graduation is declining, rather the youths are sparked with self-innovation. The various examples have been set and only a few have managed to complete that path successfully. Among them, ascending to success is Semantic Creation, founded by four individuals viz. Bobby Basnet, Sajesh Khadgi, Saurav Bajracharya and Kushal Vaidya.

These creative minds, fused together, paved their way bagging the third position globally in “hack4good 2.0” organized by Geeklist website on 2013.

Most recently, among 29 participants, they were awarded as one of the four winners – two from India, one from Nepal, one from Pakistan – for working on projects for mountain communities to improve safety and living standards by ICIMOD.

Furthermore, the Seedstar Kathmandu 2016 won them the trip to Switzerland where they will compete with participants from all over the world in April of 2017.

Apart from these, they have acquired positions in various National competitions.

These Entrepreneurs have been working on Virtual Reality App and introduced the Nepal’s first.

The Semantic Creation has been working diligently on Augmented Reality, AR, and Virtual Reality, VR, since the beginning. They believe that this technology will be a boon for every user. Since their first endeavor, they have focused on the better user experience and realistic approach. The technology and quality of their services have intrigued many organizations. However, their concept is to use their technology primarily to aid the tourism sector of Nepal.

The team of VisualiseVR, the company under Semantic Creation, intends to provide its services in the form of VR apps, AR marketing, VR productions with 360-degree photos and videos with interaction. This technology can now train or educate virtually without even being physically present at the place and can interact as if in real.The tech savvy generation will find it more interesting than the orthodox form of education. It is supposed to provide the virtual tour to the places where you wish to visit by just sitting on your chair.

The future of VR technology holds a huge potential not only in Nepal but overall.

This technology, Virtual Reality, is the simulation of the three-dimensional environment, generated using interactive software and hardware controlled by the body movements whereas Augmented Reality, AR, is live direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented (or supplemented) by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics. The VisualiseVR targets the global platform to spread its market and establish Nepal as a VR production hub which in turn will support Nepal in its economy through tourism and creating employment opportunities.

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