This rising star in the film industry is actually a real life hero

This talented actor from the movie Rahadani needs no proper introduction as he has already made his spot in the industry of glamour through this debut movie. Nabin Lamsal is a name which is rapidly gaining fame in the film industry yet he is characterized for his candid and down to earth nature.

Originally from Pokhara, he was bright in study from his childhood and his parents wanted him to continue his further studies in engineering, however, his passion and love for acting diverted him to the film studies. He adds that his parents are very supportive and proud of his success, this faith and support from family fuels up his energy in moving further.

Till date he has been casted in three movies that include his debut movie Rahadani, Open Window and Karkhana. Among which the later two are to be released on first week and the last week of Magh respectively. Beside movies his work can be viewed in four dozens of music videos, about fifty commercial advertisement and a dozen of television series. He was featured in Far Cry 4th series which was shot in Ghandruk. Apart from these, his modeling career has also been a great success with many ramp shows.

While asked about any significant incident that has been deeply rooted, this cheerful actor recalls his memory of school days. The incident when he was in class 8, there was a fire breakout in the neighborhood. Seeing a man trapped he climbed up to the first floor through the column of building, broke the window glass, saved that man and controlled the fire along with his friends. This incident always reminds him to be a better human being.

Nabin shows his deep concern towards the industry. Further he adds that the profession should be loved and not to be taken just as a medium of business, he fears this might brings the improper practice and corrupt the system. He is very positive though, towards the changes and quality of the products that the industry has been giving to the viewers.

As sipping the black tea from the transparent cup he adds, “The time has changed, now the actors are judged based on their performance, and a good personality adds a cherry to the top.” Also he suggests the new comers to be very hard-working, determined with a good moral character, and no one can stop you from achieving the goal you have set up.

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